The First Question To Ask Before You Start Your Website.

First website questionYou’ve thought it over and have reached the need a website.

You get excited at the possibilities, the colors, the pictures, the pages etc. It will look awesome! This is a crucial point in the development of any website. Many dive right in with both feet and I’ll tell you why this will set you up for failure.

YOU are excited about your website. YOU want to get going now. YOU can’t wait to get this shiny new website up and running.

But what about your prospective customers (visitors)? What do THEY want? There is a balancing act that must be done when building a website. You need to balance the wants and needs of you – and the wants and needs of your customers.

Here is the crucial question that you need to ask before you write one sentence, pick out one picture, decide on the perfect colors.

What do I want the visitor to do?

There can be different answers to this question depending on the type of product or service you offer.

Examples can include:

  • To capture their email address to email market to them.
  • To make a purchase.
  • To sign up for a trial of your product or service.
  • To inform and educate about your organization.
  • To call you for more information
  • To book and appointment

choose one goal websiteThis is also a tricky area. Many people look at that list and say “yeah..I want all of those”. This shotgun approach will also backfire. I recommend you pick one. Yep, just one. The more clear and simple your goals are – the easier it will be to achieve it.

Once you have decided on your goal – then you can start the planning process on how you would lead a visitor from your homepage to completing the action you want them to take.

Without taking the time to stop and define a goal for your website you will spend lots of time and money on a shiny new, good looking website….that no one takes any action on.

When you use this basic approach at the beginning of a website project you drastically increase your chances of reaching your goals and avoid a failed website.

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