Do you think your website is broken, but not exactly sure what needs fixing?

Don’t waste any more time and money on what’s not working, get a plan that works.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got a website, it looks ok, it sort of works. It tells people the name of your business, what you do and how they can contact you if they want to.


no one is filling in your contact form, signing up to get your updates, no leads of any kind. It just sort of sits there.
You have a gut feeling that your website needs to be redesigned but you don’t know specifically what will make visitors take action.

Some folks approach their problem this way.. they call up a web design firm and say to them “I need a website (or a redesigned one), it should have 7 pages, with lots of blue, and 3 pictures on the right hand side of the services page and a contact form. much is that gonna cost me?” Sound familiar?

Let’s say your back hurts. Would you go to your doctor and tell him you have a pinched nerve at L3 and you need a prescription of 120 pills of 3 mg of Hydromorphone HCL to be taken 2x times a day?

I’m guessing that most of us wouldn’t approach it like that. We would go to our doctor tell them what hurts then the doctor would ask us a series of questions to help fully understand what specifically is causing the problem and then prescribe the most appropriate method to fix it. Maybe more tests are needed, maybe certain stretches are needed, maybe anti-inflammatory pills or even surgery.

The point I’m trying to make is you have a problem (your website isn’t performing the way you want) and you are looking for a solution to that problem.

You need someone to point you in the right direction.

Book a Roadmapping session to determine what’s broken on your website and map out what the road to recovery looks like.

A Roadmapping report is a blueprint of actionable tactics and techniques designed to help your specific business and its website achieve success.

You could bypass a Roadmapping session and jump straight to hiring another person/firm to do a re-design of your website. But would you spend all that time and money just to have a prettier website that still doesn’t produce the results you want?

In our Roadmapping session we dive into your business to explore what’s going on. What works well, what doesn’t, and why. Then we turn our attention on providing you a document that sets out what success looks like, specific recommendations on what it will take, how long it will take to get there and what amount of investment is needed for success.

→ Minimize Your Risk!

We both get the benefit of working together on a smaller project to see how the relationship works rather than blindly entering into a large project and just hoping does.

→ Get A Plan!

You get an actionable plan that you can have us execute or you can take to another firm.

→ Accurate Estimate!

You will get a much more accurate estimate on the level of investment needed for a successful project.

What will this roadmapping document give me?web-design-roadmapping

  • Details about you, your company, your customers and identified specific problems and details on how this project will be financially beneficial to your business.
  • Definitions of success and failure
  • Identifying risks and priorities.
  • Projected budgets and timelines that you should expect moving forward.

So how does this work?

It starts with me and you blocking out a 60 minute session to talk. It can be a face to face meeting or over Skype, to dive into your business. We talk about your industry sector, problems you face, and the risks and challenges you might face along the way among other things.

After that, I’ll write a detailed report tailor made specifically for you and your unique business situation. Your Roadmapping report will provide you with a clear understanding of how you can tackle this project as quickly, economically, and reliably as possible.

Book your $299 Roadmapping session now.

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stripe-paymentsOk, this sounds good but…

I already know what I want, can’t we skip this and you just give me a quote?

Anyone can give you an ‘off the cuff’ quote and then later charge you extra for things not discussed or discovered at the beginning. There is no way we can give you an accurate quote (on time or price) without knowing the full scope of the project. This way we can avoid surprises for both of us.
In our experience most clients have an idea of what they want but not necessarily what tools and/or techniques it takes to get there. Just like our doctors example above, you wouldn’t ask for the prescription before letting him thoroughly assess your situation.

I’m concerned that the report will contain a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that I won’t understand.

We hate technical babble almost as much as you do. We take technical issues and convert it to plain simple language that our clients can easily follow. What good is a report that you can’t understand?

Author Picture

Your Roadmapping session was extremely beneficial for us.
I have worked with a number of developers over my years in Marketing and understand the complexities of defining requirements. I appreciated your patience and the consistency in your messaging. The Roadmapping document that you provided to us was critical to the process. I encourage you to continue with the Roadmapping sessions and insist that all stakeholders participate.

Vice-President, Mindwave Coaching   

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Upon clicking button you will be prompted for payment then we will contact you to schedule a time.

The “My Dog Ate It” Guarantee

We aren’t going to promise you any get rich quick results, but we are going to promise to add value to your business. That’s why we have our
100% “My Dog Ate It” money back guarantee.
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If you aren’t happy for any reason with the report you get, feed it to your dog and send us the chewed up copy and we’ll refund your money right away!

*Email me within 7 days for a complete refund. And I’ll be happy to refund your money – dog chewed or not.