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Web Design in Brantford – Where is that again?

I have been writing lots of “How to..” type of articles for a few years now. Ranging from web design to internet marketing to social media. I hope people find them helpful and useful. But in this article I thought I would take a little different slant.

A recent conversation with a client had me thinking – I often work with people and business that are not located in the city I live in and sometimes I end up describing where it is. I live in Brantford Ontario Canada. The population is probably just shy of 100,000 these days – which for me is just about perfect. Not too small not too big. We are located about an hour west of Toronto – most people go “ahh…ok” when I make that reference.south western ontario

We are surrounded by some great cities and towns – Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, St.George, Paris Ontario, Woodstock etc. We have a river (the Grand River) that meanders through the city and we have some great hiking and biking trails.

We even have a tourism center located just off the 403. They are helpful and cheery folks that can help you find some great activities and great Brantford Hotels.

While the majority of my webdesign clients are located in the Southern Ontario and Brantford area I am lucky enough to work in a industry that (thanks to tools like Skype/Google hangouts) is pretty much location independent. Web design with proper/ongoing communication with clients can be accomplished almost anywhere. Having said that – if I were given the choice between a far away client and close by client – I do enjoy face to face interactions with clients. There is just some things you can’t get over email/skype.

If you wanted to read up more about Brantford Ontario feel free to check out these links:

And of course if you are in need of a web designer, (whether you are located in Brantford or not) feel free to contact me to chat about your project.


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