How To Log Into Your WordPress Website.


In this short tutorial, I show you how to log into your WordPress website.



Hi guys Eric Rowen with Silver

6 Media. Today I just wanted to

cover the basics of how to

log into your WordPress website

and how to logout. Sometimes you

know, some days, weeks, months,

might go by and you’re not in your

website and you know.. we just

forget and say to yourself.. “how do i get

back into the back end of my

website?”. So this is just a quick

refresher course/quick tutorial.

How about we just dive right

in and get started, so the first

thing we’re going to do is go to

our browser and type in the name

of our website or the URL so in

our case it’s silver 6 beta dot

com. Now before we hit enter

we’re going to hit /wp-admin

and now we’re going

to hit enter and this will bring

us to our login screen so we’re

just going to enter our username

and password

and we’re going to hit

login and this will bring us to

the back end of our website. So

let’s say we’ve made all the

changes we want and we’re done

with our website and we want to

log back out we just go to the

opposite side over here on the

right and we’re going to click

over our name where it says Hi Joe

scroll down to logout click

logout and we’re done

so that’s again how to log in

and out of your WordPress

website and hopefully that was a

good refresher/reminder. If you

liked this video please hit the thumbs

up below.. and until next time bye


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