Why You Need to Build An Email List – Like..Yesterday!

Why-need-an-email-listIf you’re like me, you use your various social media channels for your business. You might use a Facebook Page, Linkedin, and Google+ to promote your latest blog post (wait your not blogging ? – you need to read this) or to announce a new product or a sale item. Furthermore it goes without saying that you use your website as well.

You may also be aware that you are using someone else’s “property” in doing so. Even though these platforms are free they are not ultimately controlled by you. The social media owners decide who your posting goes to, when, and even how it looks.

As an example.. those that have been using facebook pages for a period of time may have noticed that due to facebooks policy changes over the years that now your post only reaches about 10% of your fans. That can result in a pretty poor conversion rate.

To be clear, I’m not bashing any particular platform I just want to remind you that there are pros and cons to each social media channel and that they are controlled and owned by someone else.

Renting Days

little-houseIt reminds me of the days when I rented an apartment. I could have spent thousands renovating, painting, and fixing up an apartment but when I eventually moved all those improvements would have to be left behind. I almost think of social media channels in a similar manner. I can spend hours and hours crafting perfect social media channels but then the owners can decide to make an algorithm change and poof! my work is suddenly changed/altered etc.

BUT what if I spent all that time and energy on developing my fans/subscribers on my terms.

What I suggest to website owners is that instead of spending hours and hours (and remember time is money) solely on their social media channels that their time is better spent creating and building an email list for their business.


A study done in 2013 showed that email marketing converted 4.5 times better than social media! Let me say that again .. 4.5 times more conversions that social media!

  • Email is more likely to be seen than social media messages
  • There are over 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.
  • Conversion rate is much higher than social media channels
  • Email goes directly to the individual you want – its more personal.

In Summary

Using social media channels are ok to use for promotion but you can get far larger reach and higher conversion rates if you use email marketing. Email allows you to start establishing a more personal relationship with your readers and subscribers and has a higher ROI for your marketing efforts.

Many of my clients are pretty busy running their business’s and choose to have someone else do this for them. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in hiring Silver 6 Media to get your email list up and running. 


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