The Unbelievably Easy Way To Block You From Your Google Analytics

Easy to Block Yourself From Analytics
You use Google Analytics to track your visitors, where they come from and what pages they visit.
But you are pretty active on your own website, making updates, adding content, writing posts etc.

When you check you Google Analytics you don’t want your activity to be tracked because it skews the real story of how your website stats are presented. So what do you do?

In this article I’m going to show you a way to exclude yourself from being counted from Google Analytics in a super easy way that will take you all of about 60 seconds to implement.


You can google “how to exclude yourself” and there are lots of results to choose from. They range from creating complicated filters, to installing plug-ins etc.
For those that are not so techie and don’t have the time to ‘figure it out’, I have a super easy way for you to do it.

However there is one caveat – you need to use Googles Chrome browser for it to work.

There are things called ‘extensions’ available for Chrome browser users. Extensions are little programs that are ‘add-ons’ to Chrome that can enhance what chrome does in addition to letting you view websites.

Step 1.Block-Yourself-From-Google-Analytics-1


Step 2.
Enter in the search field Block Yourself from Analytics


Step 3.
Click +ADD TO CHROME button




Step 4.
Visit your own website.Block-Yourself-from-Analytics



Step 5.In the top right hand corner click Block Yourself from Analytics.




Step 6.blocked-symbol-analytics
If you refresh your browser the icon should show a red circle indicator that shows this website is now being blocked from your analytics.





There you have it. Easy peasy. Now you can sit back and relax knowing your visits to your own website are not skewing your results.


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